Why should I hire a company to

prune my trees?

Most well-intended homeowners generally don’t know about proper pruning standards that prolong the life and health of their trees. Without the proper safety gear and knowledge of tree care, trees are permanently harmed by “good intentions”. People can be seriously hurt by chain saws and unpredictable trees.

A professional tree crew can save homeowners many headaches and money with their vast knowledge of tree care, (Arboriculture). They can explain things a homeowner can do themselves and what needs to be done by trained professionals. Most general “homeowner” type pruning needs to be corrected after a few years, at usually a much greater expense and harm to your trees. Ask for credentials, and then hire us as a steward over your trees. You will be glad you did.

Employee waving from top of tree
Arborist in bucket truck pruning tree

Should I wait as long as possible to have

my trees pruned?

NO! The longer you wait to have your trees professionally cared for, the more structurally unsound they can become. Trees form bad habits that must be corrected as they grow.

Urban trees do not normally get the proper nutrition in the proper amounts from our soils. They become weaker and weaker. They begin to grow slower. As your trees become weaker, disease and insects begin to invade your trees. Various insects and diseases are invited into your landscape by less than vigorous trees. The healthier your trees and plants, the less insect and disease problems occur in your yard. Mature trees must be checked annually for unseen internal decay to avoid tree failure, which causes damage to property and injuries and death to people.