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We have been providing professional tree service for over 20 years. We always put safety first and aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction. As an ISA certified arborist company, we’re prepared for anything you throw at us.
At Minnesota Valley Tree Service, tree care is our business. Our team is well equipped with a full line of specialty equipment to handle any situation, residential or commercial.
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Minnesota Valley Tree Service offers a full range of vegetation management services for right of ways. Whether you are in need of maintenance tree trimming, tree removal, mechanical or chemical control of woody plants, Minnesota Valley Tree Service has the experience and knowledge you should expect from a certified arborist company.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a company to prune my trees?

Most well-intended homeowners generally don’t know about proper pruning standards that prolong the life and health of their trees. Without the proper safety gear and knowledge of tree care, trees are permanently harmed by “good intentions”. People can be seriously hurt by chain saws and unpredictable trees.