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Our team offers a full range of vegetation management services for right of ways. Whether you are in need of maintenance tree trimming, tree removal, mechanical or chemical control of woody plants, Minnesota Valley Tree Service has the experience and knowledge you should expect.
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Tree Trimming

Our staff is trained in all aspects of proper pruning.

Tree Trimming

Minnesota Valley offers a full residential service to trim, prune and shape your trees and shrubs to promote healthy and safe growth. Our staff is trained in all aspects of proper pruning such as crown cleaning, thinning, hazard pruning, raising, vista pruning crown reduction and crown restoration.

Trimming makes all the difference, it much easier and safer for commercial linemen to work. Your utility also receives the additional benefit of not having any trees causing an interruption of service to your customers.

Tree Removal

We have the experience and the right equipment.

Tree Removal

Minnesota Valley Tree Service crews are highly skilled in proper tree removal methods. Whether a tree can be dismantled using equipment such as bucket trucks or needs to be climbed because of no access, our team has the experience and right equipment to ensure safety of crew members, the public, and your property.

If you have a commercial property, our line-certified team will conduct an inspection of the site. Potential hazards such as power lines, traffic, pedestrian activity or any property that could be damaged during the takedown will be analyzed before the job is started.

We are skilled at utilizing different techniques for different kinds of trees and ensure the safety and smooth permanent removal of the tree. If we can obtain permission to remove volunteer trees or those not suitable for right of way (cycle busters), we will! That is our job security – obtaining better clearance for longer trim cycles = quality to our customers.

Stump Removal

Minnesota Valley Tree Service will remove stumps using stump grinders. Our machine is a self propelled unit on rubber tracks that will fit through a 36” gate opening, the rubber tracks give it very low ground pressure so it is easy on your turf. Stumps are typically ground to a depth of 6”-8” below grade but can go as deep as 16” in special situations.

Brush Mowing

We offer full maintenance programs for everyone.

Brush Mowing

Minnesota Valley offers full brush maintenance programs to suit every need. We’ll transform rough, overgrown parts of your property into land you can use safely and permanently! We can mechanically remove brush and trees up to 5” diameter utilizing 4WD tractors with rotary brush mowers.

Herbicide Application

From cut stump treatments to low and high volume foliar application, herbicide applications done by licensed commercial applicators is the most cost-effective means of keeping right of ways clear of unwanted woody plants while maintaining a balance with nature.

Stump grinding

We are experts in Stump grinding.

Stump grinding

Our stump grinding services efficiently remove unsightly stumps from your property, restoring its appearance and safety. With state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, we ensure thorough and hassle-free stump removal.

Special Equipment

We use top of the line equipment for every job.

Special Equipment

Our Utili-Trak unit can go anywhere and its special tracks allow you to get to places that a truck or wheeled vehicle can’t.

Our backyard unit is only three feet wide so it can get into your place without damage. The special tires don’t chew up your lawn and it allows us to tree your trees efficiently and safely.

Our stump grinder will get those stumps out of the way and provide you with wood chips. We want your trees to provide maximum benefit to you — whether they’re standing up providing shade or after we’ve cut them down!

Storm Clean Up

Let us take care of Mother Nature’s mess.

Storm Clean Up & Damage

It’s no secret that big storms can cause lots of damage to trees. If you’ve experienced tree damage from a storm, it can be scary to deal with. Trust in the professionals at Minnesota Valley Tree Service to take care of the clean-up, so you don’t have to.



At Minnesota Valley Tree Service, we pride ourselves on our experience with emergency situations. We have worked in many storm-ravaged areas, including being called away as far as Norfolk, Virginia, to do hazard tree removal services for the Dept. of the Navy, after hurricane Isabel. We well know that in most emergency situations our job has to be done before any other kind of recovery can take place; we will work directly with your insurance company to make sure things are done as quickly and painlessly as possible!

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